Mechanical Design

Design is the process of developing a system, subsystem or process within the framework of manufacturability to meet requirements. Designers can present new products and technologies in different ways. Today, mechanical design is carried out with the support of CAD software.

TASECS mechanical design team with its competent staff; provides services in from design to last product

The design studies and production management in the company are made in accordance with aviation standards such as DO-160 (Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment) and military standards such as MIL-STD-810.

Works carried out by our design team;

 -  Performing preliminary design activities in accordance with system requirements
 -  Making performance and structurally verified detail designs in accordance with the working logic and assembly conditions
 -  In the detail design processes, the final state of the design is brought and the specifications and predictions are created according to design
 -  Selection of the material and production method suitable for the system working conditions-  Determination of the appropriate geometric tolerances, shape and position tolerances and surface roughness values of the parts to be produced
 -  Specifying of the coating, paint, heat treatment or secondary processes such as sandblasting to be applied to the material
 -  Creating of production flies which defines whole production details and steps 
 -  Creation of visuals and reports on the assembly and disassembly of systems 
 -  Developing mechanical solutions to the complex mechanical problems.