Production and Integration

TASECS is capable of integrating all in-facility design activities into production.
TASECS is a self-sustainable company with in-facility activities and its own sub-contractors.
Production integration is a process from design to manufacturing which requires a lot of knowledge in aviation industry.
Certificated products can be achieved only by using approved subcontractors, materials, proccesses and test centers.


-  Manufacturing solutions for designed parts which are in complex shapes and require unique materials due to specific operational conditions for producing.
-  Prototyping for testing activities (assembly or performace) or improving the products in design process
-  Tooling for manufacturing or assemblies
-  Machining, additive manufacturing, sheet metal or composite manufacturing
-  Secondary bondings and surface treatments
-  Assembly operation for equipments

Production Integration Priorities

-  Lightweight, cost-effective, high precision and quality, and time-saving methods
-  Approved processes and materials in accordance with NADCAP, D0, EASA and Military standards.