Environmental Qualification Test

-  Environmental Qualification Test : Environmental engineering tailoring tasks are the basic strategy and structure for integrating environmental considerations into acquisition programs. To accomplish this integration, EES personnel working for government or contractor staffs throughout the acquisition process help to perform these environmental engineering tasks to help create a scientifically sound, cost-effective design and test program in the area of environmental effects. This process applies to all material developed for or intended to be used by the military or industry.

-  Qualification Testing is performed to verify that component and system designs will operate successfully in their intended environment. The test program verifies the performance requirements of the components and system through their anticipated operating envelope and the components' and system’s performance when exposed to extremes of natural and induced environments.

Salt Fog
Power Input
Temperature Variation
Magnetic Effect
Fire and Flammability
Temperature and Altitude
Lightning Direct Effects
Sand and Dust
Crash and Safety



-  TASECS tests the working competence in the application areas of the project. (Vibration Test, Sand &Dust Test)

-  TASECS have experience testing to several military and industry standards, including MIL-STD-810 RTCA/DO-160