Test Setup Design and Performance Tests of ECS

Test Setup Design

ECS test systems are designed and coordinated so that, sources of errors and/or short comming of the design can be located, and both the equipment and the system meets the design and the obligatory standards.

TASECS designs, develops and installs the test infrastructure of the ECS systems which produced and developed. The test and design engineering team develops the best solution for testing needs with their multidisciplinary engineering knowledge. It supports the test setup design with analyzes and simulations in accordance with the requirements.

 Performance Test of ECS 

TASECS’ test setup which designed our engineers can simulate harsh operating conditions of the ECS system specificized to the projects. ECS test setup equipped with the data acquisition system. This enables users to graphically present temperature,mass flowrate, humidity, pressure data in real time while the test is executed.The data received from the sensors are processed in the performance tests and used as input in the test results.

ECS performance tests are performed on the visualized screen with LABVIEW. Performance test results are presented and reported for all operating conditions

Different ECS types of aircrafts are designed by TASECS such as helicopters, propeller plane, jets etc. All of designed ECS types can be tested at TASECS Test Center.

TASECS can support its products in determining performance tests and test requirements in accordance with military standards, designing test processes, providing appropriate equipment solutions, designing and manufacturing test equipment.